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NIMC2000N Motion Controller

   NIMC2000N Motion controllerNIMC2000N Motion controllerThe NIMC2000N series motion controller is a new generation
   NIMC2000N Motion controller

  NIMC2000N Motion controller

  The NIMC2000N series motion controller is a new generation of PLC-type motion controller newly launched by Beijing Nimotion Control Technology Co., Ltd. Combining the concept of modern control technology in industrial control, the NIMC2000N motion controller integrates the CoDeSys V3 control platform and PLC functions The motion control function is in the same hardware device; the controller supports all PLC programming methods, logic control functions, and multiple motion control algorithms. NIMC2000N has a variety of modern industrial fieldbus interfaces such as EtherCAT master, MODBUS, CANopen, and supports standard distributed I / O. It can be expanded according to customer needs. The powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor supports complex data processing and real-time calculations , Suitable for the complex, changeable, and demanding user needs in modern industry, providing you with scalable, simple, economical and advanced solutions.

  NIMC2000N Motion controller features
  ·Support six programming languages of standard PLC, instruction list (IL), structured text (ST), sequential function chart (SFC), function module chart (FBD), ladder diagram (LD), continuous function chart (CFC)
  ·Support PLCopen standard motion control function
  ·Support bus expansion such as MODBUS, EtherCAT, CANOPEN
  ·Support CoDeSys V3 programming platform
   NIMC2000N Product advantages

  ·Support six programming languages of standard PLC, easy to use
  ·Supports PLC-programmed motion control functions, simple and convenient debugging and programming
  ·Support multiple bus expansion functions
    CoDeSys Softmotion(CNC)Function

  1.Using PLCopen certified POU library, it can realize single-axis and multi-axis lateral coordinated movement;     
  2.Electronic cam transmission CNC control;
  3.Easily develop multi-axis motion controller                                                                   
  4.Support PLCopen Part4 standard function block
  5.Graphical planning of cam functions via integrated cam editor
  6.Support integrated DIN 66025 editor (support G code) to plan and edit complex actions
  7.Support the development of industrial robots with different kinematics, such as Delta robots, Scara robots, Portal robots, and gantry robots, etc.
 NIMC2000N Motion controller application case

  The NIMC2000N motion controller can be used for various devices that require motion control and logic control, such as: multi-axis robot control, SCARA manipulator, Parallel parallel robot, Gantry gantry type table, laser cutter, etc
  NIMC2000N Installation size


  Technical Parameters
  Model   NIMCN2000 
    Serial port
  Hardware specifications   RS2332   1,non-isolation
  Dimensions   160 × 110 × 35mm   RS485   1,isolation
       CAN   2,isolation
  Installation method   Rail mounting, screw mounting  
  Weight   550g   Ethernet communication::
  Shell material      Number of ports   1
    LAN1   10/100 Base-T (RJ45)
  Input power::  
   Voltage   24 VDC (18~32VDC)   Other ports::
  Input voltage   CE: Power supply must comply with IEC 60950 and IEC 61558-2-4 safety regulations standards   SD card   Support Micro SD
  Rated power consumption   18W   USB   2 X USB 2.0 500mA
  Fuse   Built-in DC recoverable fuse   
    DI channel performance indicators:
  System:   Number of DI channels   6 isolated DI, DI0 ~ 5
  Processor   AM3359, ARM Cortex A8 800MHz ,256KB L2 cache   Channel type   Level input
  RAM   512MB   Logic 1 signal   10 ~ 30VDC, allow minimum current 5mA
  Flash memory   4GB eMMC   Logic 0 signal   0 ~ 2VDC, allow maximum current 1mA
    Isolation method   Optical isolation
  Controlling software:  
  CoDeSys running version   3.5   DO channel performance indicators:
  EtherCAT   Support   DO channel number   2 isolated DO, DO0, DO1
  CANopen   Support   Channel type   Transistor open-drain output
  Modbus RTU/TCP   Support   Output current   100mA
    Output voltage   30VDC
  Operating system:   Isolation method   Optical isolation
  Linux version   Debian  
  Operating system live patch   RT-PREEMPT   Environment:
    Operating temperature   -10℃ ~ +60℃
  Certification and standard routines:    Storage temperature     -20℃ ~ +70℃
  Conventional   CE certification   Humidity   5% ~ 85% RH non-condensing
    Shock   6g, half-sine, 11ms conforming to IEC60068-2-27
  Vibration   1g, conforming to IEC 60068-2-6

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