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NIMC3000 Series Industrial Computer

The NIMC3000 series industrial computer system is an artificial intelligence industrial computer that uses the Intel® Bay Trail E3800 series processor (SoC), has a fanless design, and can operate safely, stably, and efficiently in various application
  ·Quad-core CPU, clocked at 1.91GHz/2.00GHz
  ·Support mSATA 32G-1TG electronic disk
  ·Metal shell, can withstand industrial-grade EMI/EMS (EN61000-6-4, 61000-6-2)

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    NIMC3000 Series Industrial Computer 
  ·Quad-core CPU, clocked at 1.91GHz/2.00GHz
  ·Support mSATA 32G-1TG electronic disk
  ·Metal shell, can withstand industrial-grade EMI/EMS (EN61000-6-4, 61000-6-2) 
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 The NIMC3000 series industrial computer is an industrial computer that adopts Intel® Bay Trail E3800/J1900 series processors (SoC) and has a fanless design, which can operate safely, stably and efficiently in various application environments. 
  Performance characteristics

  • · Intel® Bay Trail E3845/J1900 quad-core CPU, clocked at 1.91GHz/2.00GHz, onboard 4Gbyte memory
  •   · 1x mSATA socket, support mSATA 32G-1TG electronic disk (optional)
  •   · 1x miniPCIe socket (WiFi and CAN modules can be installed)
  • · Robust fanless design
  • · Metal shell, can withstand industrial-grade EMI/EMS (EN61000-6-4, 61000-6-2) 
  • · Optional DIN rail / wall mounting
  • · Support 9~36V wide voltage input, with overvoltage protection, low voltage protection and anti-reverse insertion function
  Installation method
DIN rail mounting Wall-mounted installation
  Input voltage                                  Power
  12V, 5A (optional 9V~36V input)    6.5W (typical)
  Operating temperature   Storage temperature

   -20℃~+60℃ (optional -40℃~+70℃)
  Support operating system environment   Structure size

  Panel interface: NIMC3000 series industrial computer interface panel is divided into back panel and side panel. Its location is as follows:
Back panel Side panel
  •   ①    1x WiFi antenna outlet 1
  •   ②    Power switch
  •   ③    Power input interface
  •   ④⑤ 4x USB2.0 interface
  •   ⑥⑦ 2x 100/1000Mbps network interface (Intel i210)
  •   ⑧     1x HDMI interface
  •   ⑨     1x VGA interface (resolution 1920 X 1200)
  •    ①   1xWiFi antenna outlet 2
  •    ②   1xAudio
  •    ③   3xRS232
  •    ④   1xRS232/RS485 

Serial interface definition
  NIMC3000 series industrial computers have four three-wire RS232 serial ports:
 · COM1 is RS232/RS485, set by jumper.
 · COM2, COM3, COM4 are all RS232.
  The signal definition is as follows:
  Physical port COM port #Pin Description
COM1 COM1:RS232/RS485 2 RS232RXD
3 RS232 TXD
1 RS485-
2 RS485+
COM2-3-4 COM2:RS232 2 RS232 RXD
3 RS232 TXD
COM3:RS232 1 RS232 RXD
6 RS232 TXD
COM4:RS232 7 RS232 RXD
8 RS232 TXD

Structure size
  •   · Suitable for industrial automation applications
  •   · Suitable for mechanical automation applications
  •   · Suitable for vehicle/transport applications
  •   · Suitable for machine-to-machine communication applications
  •   · Suitable for facility/residential security & automation applications
  •   · Suitable for internet of things/machine-to-machine gateway 

Model CPU RAM RS232 orRS485 RS232 (three wires) USB RJ45 Audio/HDMI
mSATA socket mini PCIe socket Power input Illuminated switch Operating temperature
NIMC3000-3845-36-A 1.91GHz 4G 1 3 4 2 Yes 1 1 9-36V Yes -20℃-+60℃
NIMC3000-1900-36-A 2.00GHz 4G 2 3 4 2 Yes 1 1 9-36V Yes -20℃-+50℃
Accessories: Phoenix power terminal/desktop mounting bracket/WiFi BT antenna package (optional)

Accessories table
power supply Power input adapter (including Phoenix plug)
mSATA electronic disk (optional) mSATA-64G electronic disk mSATA-128G electronic disk mSATA-256G electronic disk
WiFi module WiFi module and antenna
Mounting parts (optional) Rail mounting Wall mount

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Product number EM-3845-1E1 91GHz CPU 4G memory 4 RS232 serial port 4 USB interface 1USB3 0 interface 1


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