Application of integrated low-voltage servo motor on three-axis CNC engraving
Release Date : 2018-11-16 13:50:07
The engraving machine is very extensive in practical applications, mainly used in the processing and manufacturing of furniture, wooden crafts, stone, carpentry decoration, lighting, organic products and other industries.
According to the axial classification of engraving machines, there are mainly three-axis engraving machines, four-axis engraving machines and five-axis engraving machines.
The working principle of the engraving machine is mainly to design and typeset through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and the design and typesetting information is automatically transmitted to the engraving machine controller by the computer, and then the controller converts the information into a drive servo The control signal of the motor controls the engraving path of the engraving machine's three-axis X, Y, Z. At the same time, the high-speed rotary engraving head on the engraving machine cuts the processing material fixed on the engraving machine table by the tool configured according to the processing material. You can engrave all kinds of plane or three-dimensional relief graphics or text designed to achieve automatic engraving operations.
The three-axis engraving machine is mainly composed of four parts: computer, servo system, inverter system and mechanical structure. The servo system has three servo motors of X / Y / Z axis, and the mechanical structure mainly has X / Y / Z matching with the servo motor. Shaft screw and guide rail and table top frame.


PMM series integrated low-voltage servo motor is a brand-new servo product independently developed by Beijing NiMotion Control Technology Co., Ltd. Based on the leading MBD development method and integrated development concept, it integrates permanent magnet synchronous motor, encoder and servo drive in one. Adopt FOC magnetic field directional control technology, and at the same time support that the low-voltage servo motor can be connected to EtherCAT and CANopen communication network to realize field bus control. The high-speed and stable EtherCAT bus communication greatly reduces the message delay. It can support 100 axes synchronization within 1ms, with fast speed response and high position rigidity. It is suitable for engraving machines, quilting machines, cutting machines and other occasions with high rigidity requirements.


Features of PMM integrated low-voltage servo motor
(1) Modular and highly integrated design, quickly arrange the site and installation, save the matching process between the driver and the motor, and reduce the cost of use
(2) Connected to the controller through the EtherCAT / CANOpen protocol (DS402), each node directly uses hardware to perform calculations, without the need for software to participate, greatly reducing the message delay time. Transmission rate: 2x100Mbps (full duplex) The hardware delay of a servo axis is only 1us
(3) Wide voltage input (24 ~ 48VDC), can use battery power supply, optional power off brake protection
(4) Integrated single-turn absolute encoder, zero point memory within limited range
(5) Provide speed and position feedforward parameter configuration to improve response speed and tracking accuracy
(6) Integrated I / O, can be set to positive limit, negative limit, origin setting, multi-function digital output, pulse input detection
(7) Real-time fault monitoring and protection functions, including over-current, I2T overload, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, over-speed, over-tolerance protection
(8) Provide development scenarios and development package support for multiple scenarios to shorten the development cycle
PMM integrated low-voltage servo product parameters
For specific parameters, please refer to PMM integrated low-voltage servo motor