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What factors need to be considered when choosing a stepper motor
Release Date : 2020-02-21 16:03:41

There are many types of motors in the market. Among them, high-quality and reliable Stepper motors are widely used in many fields because of their outstanding advantages. Therefore, more and more users want to buy this operation Simple Stepper motor. So what are the factors that users should consider when choosing a variety of Stepper motors?

1.Drive method

As we all know, the conventional driving methods of Stepper motors can be divided into constant voltage driving and constant current driving, unipolar driving and bipolar driving. Constant voltage driving refers to a constant driving voltage, which needs to be matched with a suitable resistance value, while constant current driving is usually aimed at a motor with a small resistance. Unipolar driving and bipolar driving are mainly due to the difference in the number of power tubes in the driving circuit, and the direction of the coil current in the coil is different.

2.No-load starting frequency

The no-load starting frequency of a stepping motor is usually called the "no-start frequency", which is an important indicator for choosing a motor. If it is required to start and stop frequently and instantaneously, and the speed is very high, "accelerated start" is usually required. If you need to start directly to achieve high-speed operation, it is recommended to choose a reactive or permanent magnet motor. These motors have a relatively high "no-load frequency", while hybrid Stepper motors generally have lower no-load starting frequency and do not provide this parameter.

3.Number of phases

"Phase number" is the number of coils of the Stepper motor. The motors with different phases have different working effects. The smaller the step angle, the smoother the Stepper motor runs. Generally, two-phase motors are used in most occasions, and it is more practical to choose three-phase Stepper motors in a high-speed and high-torque working environment.
All in all, the purchase of Stepper motors needs to focus on the above factors. In addition to the several aspects introduced above, it is recommended that when choosing, you should also pay attention to whether the Stepper motor has good water and oil resistance, so that it can better adapt to special occasions, and if you need to use special Specifications of Stepper motors are recommended to be discussed with the manufacturer.