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Foxconn and BYD start producing masks! Why the automation market transformation
Release Date : 2020-02-24 17:15:13

Foxconn and BYD start producing masks! Why the automation market transformation is so fast?

In 2020, the "black swan" of the new coronavirus epidemic will inevitably affect the real economy, and also promote the accelerated elimination and upgrading of related industries, such as some "offline" transformations "online", forming a new business model. At the same time, some companies will also face structural restructuring, leading to real upgrades and transformations.

In the epidemic, the medical-related industries are especially dominated by medical consumables. Masks, goggles, protective clothing and other products are in short supply. A few days ago, a group of companies that did not originally manufacture or operate medical and health products began to "switch" to produce masks, protective clothing, alcohol, and other medical and health products that are in urgent need.

For example, companies that manufacture automobiles, petrochemicals, and industrial products are involved in the production of masks. Sinopec, GAC, Foxconn, BYD, Wuling, and other major manufacturers have announced the introduction of mask production lines; bed sheet covers, clothing company transformation or new production lines to produce protective clothing; and some The supplier of mask raw materials is very powerful and can't wait for downstream production.

From the perspective of industrial automation, the rapid transformation of these factories and enterprises cannot be separated from the rapid development of automation control technology and advanced automation machinery and equipment. Product production from processing and manufacturing, sorting, packaging and other application scenarios also reflects the increasing flexibility of manufacturing plants.

In the industrial field, with the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the combination of automation control and information and communication technologies to form intelligent manufacturing scenarios is an important condition for the creation of intelligent factories and flexible factories.
Taking masks as an example, masks are mainly produced by special mask equipment. It can be seen from the characteristics and applications of masks that special mask equipment and mask production lines are not so complicated in the field of automation.


For example, the traditional flat mask machine is composed of a mask body forming machine, a filming body machine and an earband machine that welds earbands. The efficiency of the body machine is higher (120-150 pieces / minute), and the earband welding machine is lower (40-60 pieces / minute). Generally, one body machine needs to be equipped with 2-3 earband welding machines. In the automatic integrated equipment, one mask body machine is also connected to 2-3 ear band welding machines.

In a fully automatic production line, the main difficulty is the coordination and synchronization between multiple processes, that is, the automatic control system. In order to achieve high-efficiency production of masks, the entire control system must have the characteristics of supporting more complex synchronous instructions, precise transmission, stable control, adjustable speed, low failure rate, and simple adjustment devices.
At present, the mainstream control system application scheme is that the servo system realizes multi-axis control through the EtherCAT communication bus, and communicates with the touch screen through Modbus TCP.

As shown in the figure, the system control application scheme uses the NIMC2000 integrated motion controller to implement multi-axis control through the EtherCAT master station. This solution is characterized by simple structure, and the motion controller is directly connected to the integrated servo motor without additional complicated wiring and debugging.
In addition, the NIMC2000 integrated motion controller has a powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor that supports complex data processing and real-time calculations, and is suitable for the complex, changeable, and demanding user needs in modern industry.
At the same time, the servo drive device is the latest driver + motor integrated design, which conforms to the advanced concept of modern control technology in industrial design. Not only save space, but also simple layout, more flexible and intelligent.



Due to the soft material of the mask, it is not easy to realize automatic loading and unloading, and the packaging of the subsequent process is often manual operation, which seriously restricts the capacity of the mask factory. Industrial automation has a large application scenario in the field of subsequent process packaging. At present, many mask factories are actively seeking automated packaging solutions. Domestic manufacturers have also launched targeted automation solutions, such as the use of industrial robots combined with conveyor tracking and visual recognition technology to achieve automatic mask packaging.


Medical supplies are still labor-intensive industries due to their flexibility. However, some production scenarios have specific requirements for hygiene and safety, and are not suitable for manual operations. Therefore, there will still be a large replacement space in the field of automation control and drive in the future. The epidemic will raise the industry's awareness of the industrial automation field, accelerate the progress of the entire intelligent factory, and transform into a flexible factory.