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NIMC1000 Integrated controller

NIMC1000 integrated CODESYS innovative integrated controllerNIMC1000 is a new generation of innovative integrated con
 NIMC2000 一体化控制器

  NIMC1000 integrated CODESYS innovative integrated controller

  NIMC1000 is a new generation of innovative integrated controller launched by Beijing limai sheng company. Combining modern
  control technology in industrial design, NIMC1000 creatively integrates industry
  Control panel HMI and CODESYS V3 control platform, PLC function, motion control function are integrated in the same hardware device;
  The controller supports similar smartphones
Typical functions such as page turning, scrolling, rotating objects, clicking, etc., excellent
  user experience provides a new concept of controller design for modern industrial applications.
  The NIMC1000 has EtherCAT master station, MODBUS, CANopen and other modern industrial field bus interfaces, supports
  standard  distributed I/O, and can be expanded and performed according to customer needs
  The powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor supports complex data processing and real-time computing, suitable for the complex,
  changeable  and demanding user needs of modern industry, providing you with expandable,
  Simple, economical and advanced solutions.
 NIMC1000 product features

  CODESYS V3 control platform
  Integration of HMI and CODESYS control platform,
  PLC function, motion control
  Function, by adding remote I/O modules, you can
  extend the system functions

  ARM Cortex A8 processor
  The powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor supports
Data processing and real - time calculation are
  suitable for modern industrial complex
  variable, and demanding application requirements

  Built-in digital I/O extensions
  Built-in digital I/O, can connect sensors, alarm
  lights, relays, etc
By extension

  Free configuration
  Support for standard distributed I/O, available
  with application requirements
  Extended for EtherCAT, MODBUSCANopen
  Standard field bus protocol

 Support Cix CAN communication
  Support CANopen communication
  , communication
  stability and reliability

  Support EtherCAT communications
  EtherCAT supports communications, high speed and stability
  hardware   display
  · overall size: 292 × 194 × 52mm

  · display size 10.1" TFT
  · resolution: 1024 × 600
  · format 16:9
  · resistance type of touch control
 system   communication

  · the processor cortex-a8 1.0GHz
  · operating system Linux
    512 MB of memory
  · flash 4G eMMC, sd-card slot
  · real-time clock is (battery-powered)
  · control software CODESYS V3 Soft PLC, WebVisu
  · programming language IEC 61131-3 (IL,LD,FBD,SFC,ST)
  · communication interface 1 x Ethernet 100M, 1 x rs-232, 1 x rs-485
    2 x CAN, 2 x USB 2.0 host"
  · field bus 2 x CAN, Modbus RTU, EtherCAT over Ethernet
  · integrate I/O 6 x isolation DI 2 x isolation DO
  The power supply  The environment

  · input power supply is 24VDC (18-32vdc), with A
    maximum of 1.0a
  · rated power consumption
  · operating environment conditions 0~50 ℃, 5~85% relative humidity,
  · storage environment conditions -20~70 ℃, 5~85% relative humidity,


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